A Musical Sunday

On Sunday May 23rd, the newly revived Rattlemouth, now with dualing tenors Danny Finney and Roger Carroll, will be playing at Balliceaux from 7-9 pm. Afterwards you can wander over a few blocks to Robinson Street to see Loversville playing at the Commercial Taphouse starting at 9pm. Richmond is warming up!

Also of note is the Forest Hill Regatta on Saturday starting at 2pm. A grand reopening celebration for Forest Hill Park…in Southside.


One Response to “A Musical Sunday”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    Why hasn’t Obama plugged the oil spill in The Gulf, solved all our financial problems, won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or removed the tree roots uplifting the sidewalk in front of my house? He has been in office almost one and a half years, what’s he waiting for?!

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