Northside + Southside = Christmas Presents

"Dangle" by Judith FAE Brown of FAEDESIGN

In the Northside…
Open Studios in Bellevue, Saturday, December 5th from 11am -3pm. Two Locations, five artists:

Dana DuMont | Judith FAE Brown | Wendi Steele
1308 Amherst Ave (enter through the side gate on the right)

Jane Joyner | Anna Golden
1302 Nottoway Ave (enter through the side gate on the right)

And in Southside…

Karie Walker, Bead Poet, will be selling her jewelry at the South of the James Farmer’s Market December 5 – 8am to 1pm.

Saturday is also the Richmond Christmas Parade down Broad Street and the likely day I will be picking up my Christmas tree. Not being Scrooge-like this year!


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