What I Missed…

Last week I missed Buttercup @ Bottoms Up Pizza,
Chez Roue’ @ Bogarts, Twice!
and Inlight Richmond! Here is a review from RVANEWS.com.

This week I will try and do better and start with the Happy Lucky Combo with special guests, on Wednesday night @ O’Tooles!

And if that is not enough, Buttercup is at the Triple on Friday, 9pm opening for Johnny Change!


Amy Crehore is having a name the sketch and she’ll give it away contest. Go Amy!


3 Responses to “What I Missed…”

  1. Did you enter the contest?! So many entries…

  2. Yes, a not very inspired “Horn Flowers” – but in my defense it was not quite 6am yet…..

  3. I like it…There are quite a few “horn flowers” in that comment thread, if you know what I mean…

    Mine are all three lame, but I couldn’t not post anything. A chance to win a sketch! Awesome…

    I made a bridge reference. Oi. How nerdy!

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