Orthotonics Rehearsing in Secret Location

This Saturday, September 12th is the Benny-Fit For Hospice. The benefit starts at 7:00 pm at the Playing Field at 7801 W. Broad Street. Money raised will go to a fund to start a Hospice House in Richmond, VA.

The Orthotonics have flown in two former bass players, one from Seattle and one from San Francisco and a guitar player is coming down from the mountains to complete the original lineup. The Orthos are currently rehearsing in a secret Southside location and will be playing together for the first time in over 20 years on the 12th!

Orthotonics Secret Rehearsal Space

Orthotonics Secret Rehearsal Space

In addition to the Orthotonics, the bands playing the benefit include: Beex, Dirty Secrets, Diversions, The Big Good Guys, White Cross, and special guests. These bands played at Benny’s, the legendary club on Main Street, that was the center of the Richmond music scene in the late 70’s and was operated by Benny Waldbauer.

Tickets can be purchased at Plan 9 Records and online at Brown Paper Tickets.

You can read an earlier post here or look for The Benny-Fit Facebook page.

Orthotonics Rehearsing Corrective Music.

Orthotonics Rehearsing Corrective Music.

For more photos!


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  1. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

  2. kozmicdogz Says:

    Thank you! Pleased you like my blog.

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