Drive-In Opens Tonight!

RedcarnexttospeakerThe Goochland Drive-In Theater Opens Tonight, August 28, 2009.

From the Drive-In website:

“Drive-in theaters have been a part of rural America since the 1930’s. And in keeping with that tradition, we believe that a new drive-in theater would be a wonderful addition to the make-up of Goochland County. Through technological advancements over the years, the improved picture and sound of drive-in movies provide an outstanding experience — with little, if any, disturbance to the surrounding environment.”

It has been many years since I have been to a drive- in. As a young child I remember going to see Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog” at a drive-in in Northern Virginia and, here in Richmond we went to the South Side Plaza Drive-In for Zombie movies and then again for some other nameless horror films.

We wish the owners who have the vision to open a drive-in in the 21st Century, John & Kristin Heidel, luck and a night with few mosquitoes!

Here is a story from Channel 12.


2 Responses to “Drive-In Opens Tonight!”

  1. Alas, but the kiddiwinkies cannot run amuck w/o parental units nor can one bring in adult beverage. Bowtie has adult beverage. And you can’t bring in low-cholesterol or low-sugar fodder. Excepting for baby food.

  2. azaleafaye Says:

    Drive in! I’m so excited!!! Thanks for posting ❤

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