“My Name is John Connor…”

So the voice of John Connor in the year 2018 echoes across the wasteland that was once the lush green sphere called earth. Images of Hell & Holocaust, and finally redemption for a man who came from the past and was deposited in this new reality to maybe destroy or save the world.

A T-600 Looking for John Connor... in All the Wrong Places.

A T-600 Looking for John Connor in All the Wrong Places.

I saw “Terminator Salvation” (aka Terminator IV), Friday night at the Byrd Theatre. Christian (the new Batman) Bale is John Connor, Sam Worthington does a great job as Marcus Wright, and Moon Bloodgood is a beautiful resistance pilot. Anton Yelchin is Kyle Reese, Connor’s father, and Helena Bonham Carter makes an appearance as some kind of mad scientist, and Jane Alexander looks great as an elder matriarch of a group of survivors hiding from Skynet (the bad robots).

As with most action films in the last two decades, the action does go on a bit too long for me and gets tiring, but I thoroughly enjoyed this science fiction film on a hot and steamy evening in Richmond at one of my favorite places of all time, the Byrd Theatre. It is worth checking out.

If you are reading this you are the resistance.


2 Responses to ““My Name is John Connor…””

  1. Hey, you need to go see District 9. It’s a great flick and combines a great story line with excellent effects.

  2. Hope to see it sometime this week!

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