Bill Zickafoose & The Continentals!

Tuesday, August 11, we went to see the big band, The Continentals!

Bill Zickafoose
who played with the Airforce Transport Command Band during the war, formed the Continentals back here in the states after the war ended.  His Continentals have been playing continuously for all those years and man they are still swinging under Bill’s direction.

Bill Zickafoose telling a story as Roger Carroll listens on.

Bill Zickafoose telling a story as Roger Carroll listens on.

The concert was at Hermitage High School as a part of the Henrico County Parks & Recreation program and it was free. It is not every day that you get to hear a big band!

Playing and singing on a couple of tunes with the Contintentals was Roger Carroll of Chez Roue’ on tenor. For more photos click here!

Bill was in the Air Transport Command Band at the end of the war along with trumpet player and arranger Lonnie Wilfong. They ran into Django Reinhardt in Paris during these closing months and Bill and Lonnnie played and recorded with Django. Lonnie did some arranging on those recordings and Zickafoose played some of Lonnie’s big band arrangements last Tuesday night. What a treat!

Lonnie Wilfong (1917-2002)

Lonnie Wilfong (1917-2002)

We had a great time. There is nothing like real live music of any kind!


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