Where Has the Summer Gone?

On a recent trip to downtown Richmond VA with some co-workers we were treated to a tour of the new University of Richmond:Downtown offices, a short visit to the Poe exhibit at the Library of Virginia, and a great tour of the State Capitol.

The office of UR: Downtown was once the home of Franklin Federal Savings and Loan and is located at the corner of 7th and West Broad Street. In one of the meeting rooms an incredible plaster relief covers the wall. It was created from layers of colored plaster, then carved by the artist to create his images. The relief once stood just behind the tellers. I will post the artist’s name later. Pretty interesting.

Detail of the Relief.

Detail of the Relief.

Side view so you can see the layers of colored plaster.

Side view so you can see the layers of colored plaster.

At the Library of Virginia, there is an exhibit, Poe: Man, Myth, or Monster that is available free, for your viewing until December 5th of this year. Lots of cool Poe images from the Poe Museum are on display. Free parking in the underground deck at the LVA, or take the bus! Don’t miss out on the LVA’s amazing online digital collections, Virginia Memory series. I am particularly fond of the photograph collections.

Lastly we toured the Virginia State Capitol. We entered through the new underground entrance and enjoyed the tour by one of the Capitol historians. I had not been since accompanying my daughter on a school trip many years ago. And the lunch counter was good to.

George Washington

George Washington

Now if we could only get some sun for a few days in a row and get back to summer!


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