Gumbo And Tofu.

BA2009The 2nd Annual Broad Appetit was more fun then expected! We ate pickled shrimp, a tofu sandwich from Cafe Gutenberg, gumbo, and fresh squeezed limeades! All the food was partitioned out in $3.00 portions.

We checked out the show and shop at Quirk, Metro Sound, and the Ghostprint Gallery.

Lots of people and not too hot. A very successful Richmond event! Can’t wait ’till next year.


3 Responses to “Gumbo And Tofu.”

  1. Conservative Republican Says:

    Gay marriage will destroy this country. These so called “rights” for sinners is a violation of my right to the “pursuit of happiness”. Why, just last week a gay couple moved down the street. I was so angry I broke a cap on one of my teeth. It hurts a great deal and now I owe the dentist $3700 because my employer discontinued my health insurance! Last night, “Brokeback Mountain” was on TV. ON TV! I was so angry I punched a hole in my wall and busted my hand. It’s in a cast and I’m afraid to look at the medical bills. The contractor wants $5,000 to fix the wall! Who’s gonna pay for that? As an American, I should not be subjected to this unChristian behavior!

  2. That Broad St. event sounds like fun!

    P.S. Did Ted spam your blog again? 🙂

  3. I am not sure who conservative republican is, but Broad Appetit was pretty fun!

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