Who’s Watching The Watchmen?

Well it looks like I am.

watchmenposterfinal“Watchmen,” a DC comic originally published in 12 issues from 1986-1987 came out in a limited Graphic Novel form in 1987 and then again in 2005 as the “Absolute Watchmen.”

Alan “V for Vendetta” Moore, writer; Dave Gibbons, illustrator/letterer; John Higgins, colorist collaborated on this comic series,surly one of DC comics most ambitious projects in the 1980s if not the latter half of the the 20th century.

The Hugo Award-winning graphic novel flirted with film for 20 years until this current version directed by Zach “The 300” Snyder finally was released on March 6, 2009.

For Incredibly detailed descriptions of the comic and film on wikipedia

I saw the film on Saturday afternoon in Theater 17 at Movieland. Another great movie experience. The picture was sharp, bright, and the sound was not too loud! No commercials only trailers, what a pleasant movie experience. Those bowtie boys know movies.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. One of the best comic book movies I have seen and am already contemplating viewing it again, maybe when it hits the Byrd.”


5 Responses to “Who’s Watching The Watchmen?”

  1. kozmicdogz Says:

    No I missed that. But I really did not miss the squid, I found it confusing.

  2. Trent Nicholas Says:

    I did not not like this movie although, in all fairness, I haven’t seen it.

  3. Win Worth Says:

    Although I missed the first few minutes (I was buying candy and soda) I have to say this a triumphant film adaptation of one of the legendary comic books. comparable to FANTASTIC FOUR, IRONMAN, mmendable interpretation of of Hollyw

  4. Win Worth Says:

    For some stupid reason, my comment posted before I finished typing it. WHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT? Damnfangled computers!

    I have to say this a triumphant film adaptation of one of the legendary comic books. comparable to FANTASTIC FOUR, IRONMAN, SUPERMAN RETURNS, BATMAN RETURNS and THE GOOFY MOVIE.

    Now if only there wasn’t so much riff raff in the theater! While I was standing in line, some young whipersnapper was yammering on his cell phone. Then I was behind him in the candy line and he wouldn’t shut up. Also, the bathroom was too far from the theater we were in. Do I have to start wearing a colostomy bag everytime I go to the movies?

    Also – where were the great commercials? MOVIELAND is a bust!

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