Who Wants to be A Millenare?

200px-slumdog_millionaire_poster“Slumdog Millionaire” took home 8  Oscars last night at the 81st Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles including Best Director (Danny Boyle) and the coveted Best Picture Award.

Sean Penn won for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in “Milk,” and Heath Ledger won posthumously for his fantasticly evil Joker in “The Dark Knight” for Best Supporting Actor. The only other posthumously awarded Oscar one of the major acting catagories went to Peter Finch for “Network” (1976).

Penelope Curz won for Best Supporting Actress in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (blogged about earlier this month) and Kate Winslet won for her reading skills in “The Reader.”

Hugh Jackman hosted the ceremony and once again (for me at least) it did not fail to entertain. I am already counting the days till the 82nd award ceremony.

Now get out of your house and go see a movie!


One Response to “Who Wants to be A Millenare?”

  1. Coservative Republican Says:

    Sean Penn and the liberals want to shove gay rights down our throats. Elitist, socialist Hollywood is out of touch with the real America. Anyone with half a brain can see that a large number of Americans are ready to throw away the freedom to shop at Target so big government can provide all services and tell us what products we can buy while forcing the rest of us to watch homosexuals have sex!

    Also – would it hurt if some American movies were nominated? “The Dark Knight” – filmed in America – was the best picture of the year. Batman kicks ass! “Slumdog Millionaire” was just another attempt by liberal Hollywood to encourage immigration.

    Who is Hugh Jackman and what the hell kind of accent was that? Next year they’ll have that anti-semetic blowhard Jimmy Carter host the Oscars.

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