Holiday Movies

In the past 2 weeks, I have seen Slumdog Millionaire and Milk at the theatre.  Seeing a movie in a real movie theatre is a completely different experience then seeing a movie at home on dvd or cable.

I also saw I am Legend on demand. Slumdog Millionaire was great. You gotta love a movie that ends with the cast dancing. Milk was also good, one does forget how crazy the 70s were. I have been surprised how many people have not heard of Harvey Milk or the doucmentary, The Times of Harvey Milk (1984). It should be worth a second look as it has been a long time.

I am Legend was better then expected, but I am a sucker for post apocalyptic films.


2 Responses to “Holiday Movies”

  1. Film titles require quotation marks ala “Slumdog Millionaire”

  2. kozmicdogz Says:

    ok, ok – I will quote the movies from now on…..i didn’t think anyone would notice.

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